Forest Methodist Circuit

Message from the Superintendent Minister

Rev Tony Malcolm

Light at the end of a tunnel

and light of the world

It’s fair to say that the past year has been a challenge for everyone. Some have coped better than others. Some have had more support and human contact than others. But all have struggled with different aspects of the pandemic and its impact on our daily lives. So, it’s not surprising that the language being used by many at this time is about light and hope (for the UK at least – sadly, it will take longer for many other countries to catch up, and our hope and light is very much dependent on our prediction of the behaviour of a virus we are still struggling to understand). 


Light and hope – as the hours of daylight increase, so does our hope of a relatively normal summer. But let us remember that darkness is not all bad – it actually helps us appreciate the light (however small). In fact, it is often the darkness that gives context to the light. 


So, as we move out of lockdown – to our corporate new Easter season, there will be mixed emotions – darkness and light – sadness and joy. As a world, we have been and are sharing a common experience. We know that until all have been protected no one will be really safe. In the same way as we know that, until all have heard the gospel and been given the opportunity to respond, we cannot rest. 


Our Circuit has some major decisions to consider over the coming months. In the same way as we have had to review worship over the past year, so we will need to review what it is to be church, and a church at worship. At the heart of these decisions is the question, ‘How serious are we about sharing the good news we have heard and said yes to?’ 


Having acknowledged (for some only mentally) that the world, and church, will not be the same again after this year – we need to engage with the implications of this reality. We – with our Lord – are light for the world. With the responsibility of being light comes the privilege of being and bringing hope. 




Forest Circuit Mission statement:

The London Forest Methodist Circuit is committed to furthering God’s kingdom by enabling and supporting local churches in the growth of their discipleship and mission; resourcing local churches under the power of the Holy Spirit to function as effective centres for worship, witness, and community wellbeing.