Forest Methodist Circuit - Company Message
Message from the Superintendent Minister  
Rev Tony Malcolm
Dear Fellow Pilgrims,

As I sit in my study surrounded by boxes, I feel a bit like the camera on my phone – one minute pointing one way, and the next, pointing the opposite way. I find myself looking back on my time in the familiar Birmingham District, culminating in very affirming farewell services last weekend; and looking ahead to the new and uncharted territory of the London District and Forest Circuit.

Two surprising words have sustained me during this time of transition (No, not ‘cake’ and ‘chocolate’!!) – ‘movement’ and ‘restlessness’. We, the church, are a movement – always on the move, trying to keep up with what God is doing; and one of the often neglected fruits of the Spirit we’ve been blessed with is that spirit of restlessness – ensuring we never get too settled. This has been my experience in my ministry, and I embrace it with open arms – even if at time it’s inconvenient (to say the least).

I look forward to joining the London Forest Circuit and, together, being an instrument the Lord will be please to use to shape his kingdom. I look forward to sharing my story with you, and hearing your stories.

As soon as the address of the permanent manse is confirmed I’ll share it; until then, Be blessed …

Yours in the love of Christ

Rev Tony Malcolm
(Circuit Superintendent & Minister in Pastoral Charge of Leytonstone Methodist Church)

4 Hollywood Way
(Mobile) 07976981022

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