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If you would like to listen to a prayer of the Methodist Church during the current lockdown, please phone this free phone number:                               0808 281 2514

If you would like to listen to a Daily Hope message from the Archbishop of Canterbury, please phone this free phone number:
0800 804 8044

Here is a pastoral letter from Rev Hilary Cheng, a Minister in the Forest Circuit:

Dear Friends,

As recommended by my friends, I have recently seen the film ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’, which was viewed on iPlayer.  I remember reading the book about 10 years ago, but loved the film.  It is well worth watching if you have the opportunity. It is set in Guernsey just after the war, but the storyline takes you back to extracts from the war. As you will be aware, the only part of Britain that was occupied during WWII were the Channel Islands.  

In recent weeks we have been thinking about World War II with the commemoration of the 75 Anniversary of VE Day earlier in May.  June 6 is D-Day, the day when we remember the D-Day landings in Dunkirk. In 1944 a flotilla of British boats set out to cross the channel and rescue British troops who were stranded on the Normandy beaches.

August will bring the commemoration of the 75 anniversary of VJ Day, and if we are out of lockdown there may be some form of celebration for the VE Day then.  But on that, we must wait and see.

Have you noticed that poppies are blooming?  They stand out because of their red colour.  If you are able to get out, you may have noticed wild poppies growing on all sorts of bits of waste ground, often at the roadside or amongst cornflowers and sometimes amongst field crops. Poppies have become a symbol of remembrance of the soldiers who died in war time, following the trench warfare in the poppy fields of Flanders during the Great War.

I find it even more symbolic that poppies usually grow on ground that has been churned up, both by the farmer who may have ploughed a field and disturbed the earth, or the bombs that landed in fields, displacing the soil. Their poignant colour reminds us of those who lost their lives for our freedom.

We may still be in lockdown, but restrictions are gradually being lifted.  There is no word about churches reopening yet, so we must continue to care for each other by phone and email.

Unlike the people of Guernsey during the war, we still have our freedom.  It may not always feel like that but God has been generous to us and continues to provide for our needs.

Thank you God for the humble poppy, and for the beauty of her presence at this time of year,



A poem to think on:

South Chingford Methodist Church
Empty stands the church and silent,
Windows closed and doors secured
Walk completely round the building
All in order, rest assured.
But surely there’s something missing
No congregation, we’re not there
There’s no organ playing. There’s no singing
                        Not surprising, no one’s there.
There’s no one to bid us welcome
There’s no one to lead our prayers.
There’s no one to read the Bible
                        No communion, you’re not there.
Wait awhile in meditation
                        Can you hear the angels’ singing?
Can you feel a Holy presence
                        Dispelling fear and calmness bringing?
Bow your head in contemplation
                        Have no worries, someone’s near
This is your Emmaus journey
                        Hallelujah, HE IS HERE !
                            Leslie Stowe May 2020 


Thank you for visiting the website. We hope that you will find these pages useful and we warmly invite you to join us for worship at any of our churches. Each of our churches works to make the love of God known and to share the Good News of the Gospel through worship and witness and through the work the members do within their local communities. 

Forest Circuit Leadership Team, ministers and lay representatives are jointly responsible for overseeing the life and work of the Methodist churches under the team ministry. In Forest Circuit we have twelve churches across the London Borough of Waltham Forest, Wanstead and Loughton. 

The churches in Forest Circuit exist to proclaim the Gospel of Christ by helping people to find and follow Jesus in an ever-changing world.  Our aim is to be a Christ-centred welcoming Circuit, reaching out to the community, encouraging followers of Christ and demonstrating God’s love in such a way that others cannot ignore it. 

In Forest Methodist Circuit through the hiring out of our premises we aim to help create a sense of community in the neighbourhoods where people live and work. We hope that an increased sense of community will lead to more personal involvement and more cultural, educational and social activities, which will create a better community and a better place for us to live: communities where the presence of God can more clearly be seen. 

If you would like to contact our Circuit Office for more information, please call the Circuit Administrator on 020 8558 7645 or email us on

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